We Know What Your Digital Agency Is Doing Wrong

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Hiring an agency is not always a good idea.
Agencies may know about strategies for launching a product, where to advertise, how to buy media and build websites, but you have to be well aware of two basic issues:​​​​​​​
1. The agency's knowledge of your business;
2. The agency's commitment to you, your product, or your business.

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After years of working with agencies, I have realized that many of them don't really know their client's products. Often agencies are hired for isolated jobs, such as simply building a website. Other times, they are hired for a specific campaign and have not participated in building and designing their own business.
From this, we can say: the agency does not know its business in depth.
Another thing that is also very relevant is the agency's commitment to the client.

If an agency sees no future in the relationship, knowing they have been hired for that one job specifically and that there is no future relationship, they may not commit themselves to the success of your business.

They do the basics they were hired for, and they stop there.
It is worth saying that this is not a rule, but it is also far from an exception.
Whenever possible it is best to develop skills in your employees as they tend to be more committed and motivated towards the overall result of your business.